Signaturefinder can find the name of an artist when only a part of the name is readable.

You can input parts of an artists name, limit by countries, time period and see what artist names comes up and that is it, there are no further functions.

SignatureFinder does not show you any signatures, paintings or other info, SignatureFinder can help you find the name of an artist.

SignatureFinder is built and maintained by Nick Brandt (

Yes, SignatureFinder is completely free as of this writing. If you found Signaturefinder useful we would not mind a cup of coffee though!

Yes, there are several web sites and forums that deal with art that you can google to find. Or you can visit a local auction house or art dealer. Signaturefinder does not provide further help though and requests for signature identification or evaluations are not likely to get a response due to time constraints.